Posted on: January 28, 2010 12:54 am

Rapping up the Heat

Another win for the Toronto Huskies I mean Raptors. Maybe it was the throwback uniforms maybe it was the thought of Heat in cold cold Toronto tonight what ever it was the Raps came to play.

One thing that needs to heat up is the play of Hedo Turkuglo 6 points isnt going to cut it if he can get it going the Raps will be a scary team coming down the stretch. Bosh and Bargnani are becoming a great 1-2 punch.Jarrett Jack is playing like the premier PG of this team and will most likely keep starting for the rest of the year. Too bad DeMar was injured tonight he has been getting better and better with each game but Sonny was a good fill in for the rookie out of USC.

The Raps keep winning we might be able to convince Bosh to give Toronto a try for a few more years.

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